Facebook Social Accounts – Instructions and troubleshooting

Facebook social account (SOC), also known as a mother account, parent account, or manager account, is not related to advertising accounts. It is used to manage advertising accounts. One social account can manage hundreds of advertising accounts.

If a social account is locked, simply replace it, and the advertising accounts and campaigns will remain unaffected.

Login Social Accounts

Each customer using our Facebook agency service will be provided with a GoLogin profile along with login information:

Customers can use the GoLogin profile with provided login information or use the account details we provide to log in to the browser they are using. We will include proxies if requested.

For 2FA codes, please use the 2FA code reading tool here: https://agencygeo.com/2fa

Change the account language

By default, the account language is English. However, customers can change the language themselves by visiting this link:


Check the account status

To check your account, you can visit this link: https://www.facebook.com/accountquality/


Agencygeo offers Facebook Agency Ad Account for both regular and agency accounts. For more information, visit their website at https://agencygeo.com

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